Some Kind Words From Our Clients

“I have been seeing Emma Thomas for nearly two years as my Neuro-Physiotherapist. She has been excellent throughout the time I have been seeing her and continues to help me improve and expand the things I can do both physically and mentally.
Emma can see you both at home or in her clinic. I began by seeing her in both environments and as I have progressed this has changed to seeing her weekly in her clinic as I benefit from having easy access to all Emma’s equipment. When I started seeing her I used to arrive at her clinic in a wheelchair, I am now able to attend using only my walking pole.
How things have moved on. I can not recommend Emma highly enough, she always goes above and beyond what I want and need. Thank you”

From Mr W

“I very much recommend Emma at Neurobility – I have been seeing her regularly for the last few years since my life changed and I have had to learn to walk again, whilst coping with balance difficulties and rebuilding my strength. Emma is very experienced and knowledgeable as neuro physio but is also a very kind, empathetic and understanding person – I always go away uplifted and encouraged. I would recommend her without hesitation and indeed have done so to several friends and family in need of her expertise.”

Ms C

“After last week’s physio session I omitted to express my inestimable & undying gratitude for what you’ve done for me since my accident in March last year. For several months in the aftermath of that ‘event’ I had doubts that I would ever recover to the point where I am now- and this is largely due to your work & efforts. Now, I just need to see it through to as near to 100% recovery of motor functions as is realistically achievable!

Please accept my unreserved thanks.

Your work & efforts on my ‘condition’ did not only make an extraordinary contribution to the way in which I have more or less now regained full motor functioning in the right arm and shoulder, in less than a year, which will enable me to resume playing tennis, but also-


  • Your disposition and enthusiasm during the treatments gave me great cause for optimism
  • Your words of praise when I showed signs of improved movement/ strength etc. in the right arm were very encouraging and ‘re-inforcing’, giving me much incentive to undertake the exercises’ regime that we’d agreed
  • Your willingness to explain and clarity of explanation of my condition and what was going on helped a lot in my understanding of what had happened and what to expect”

From Mr W

“In the short time I have received your expert advice, help and guidance in dealing with my Dystonia symptoms I have made good progress in helping to relieve my muscle aches and pains.”

Mr M seen by Emma

“Thank you for all your skill, care time and effort this year. You have given me confidence, support and direction. I have achieved many goals, but the main one was to walk with poles by Christmas.”

Mr B seen by Emma

“Emma Thomas has made my life enormously better after I experienced a nasty head injury 2 years ago; her expertise in vestibular physiotherapy and her calm, kind manner has made all the difference to my recovery and day to day life.

I was unable to walk or see clearly for a year due to the effects of post concussion. I then saw Emma who guided me to independence and a happy me! Now I can walk a very good distance , shop, work and enjoy my life again. I can not thank Emma enough for all her advice and kindness. She is an exceptional physiotherapist.”

Ms P seen by Emma

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