Exercise and Exercise Class


Exercise and Exercise Class

Exercise is critical in the management for neurological conditions, offering a multitude of physical, cognitive, and emotional benefits. Any activity is better than none, and more is better still.


Regular exercise can help

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It can be very challenging to work on fitness when you have a disability or long term condition and it needs to be done at an appropriate level, but for many it is possible to establish an exercise regimen to build fitness and strength. Remember that any exercise or physical activity is better than none at all.


We will help you to build a programme of exercise that suits you, your abilities and your lifestyle. We can help you to find something that you will enjoy so that you will keep going, and help you to set some goals to keep motivated. The first few weeks will need a lot of motivation, but after that if you keep it up exercise will become a habit and you may even miss it if you don’t exercise!


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Exercise is important for your general health and to help to manage most neurological conditions. As well as the beneficial effects on your heart and lungs it also helps to maintain strength in your muscles and is great for improving emotional well-being.


We prescribe a variety of exercises to target specific impairments and functional limitations. These may include strength training, flexibility exercises, balance and coordination exercises, aerobic conditioning, and functional activities tailored to daily living tasks. We will also educate on the importance of exercise for neurological conditions and offer practical strategies for incorporating exercise into daily life. We aim to leave you with a clear plan of exercise and self-management techniques to monitor your progress and manage symptoms effectively. We are really keen to help you to return to sport or other activities that you have previously enjoyed, or help you to find new exercise activities that you may not have tried before.


We love the outdoors and we are happy to work anywhere with you to achieve your goals. To help us along the way we have several pieces of exercise equipment including the LiteGait treadmill system, MMGO virtual reality system, Therabike, static bike and various weights and exercise bands.

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If you struggle with establishing a routine, or need some help our, physiotherapy assistants are brilliant at working with people to help them with their exercises or offer encouragement and motivation.

We have had training in hydrotherapy (physiotherapy in water) so we are comfortable teaching you exercise in water or helping you to learnt to swim again.

We run a weekly Neuro Exercise Class at The Millennium Memorial Hall in Kings Sutton. The class is run by a specialist neuro physio and physio assistant and can be adapted to any ability. It consists of a warm up followed by a circuit of exercises to work on balance, strength and fitness, ending with a cool down. We aim to make the class a light hearted fun session where you can work at your own level and ability. Booking is required so please get in touch with us to find out more.

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